Sue Andrews is a skilled Storyteller for children. The stories can be for fun or sometimes they maybe part of a learning workshop dealing with a particular issue such as Bullying, or maybe have a theme like Halloween.

Stella Stories
Stella Stories is Sue.

Sue stories can excite, inspire, increase imagination and the well-being of students, focusing their listening skills, even those that struggle with reading can experience that stories are fun. Stories are also a very powerful tool in opening up discussions and debates.

Sue has stories for children of all ages and has worked throughout the UK with the BBC, Local Authorities, Libraries, Schools, Tesco and many Charities.

Sue meets Henry Winkler
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Specialist Activities

Sue can provide a range of specialist activities that have an education and skills benefit while the children have fun.
Bullying workshop

Begins with a story about bullying, then opens up to discussion and workshop.

*New for 2015* The Survival Games
Includes archery, bollo, den building, problem solving and more. Unique workshop, can the teams meet the 7 challenges, by working together and using different skills. Ideal fun packed experience, great for creative writing.

Murder Mysteries
Sue also provides Who done it's ? for Primary and Secondary School students which provide a fun environment to help with their observation, team work, analysis and evaluation, organisation and collaboration and hypothesizing skills, culminating in clear report writing.

Quote:- Windsor High School,
Murder Mystery. June 09

'We all had a fantastic time yesterday; it was absolutely brilliant. All the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It is so different to anything else that they do, they don't realise how hard they work or how much they actually learn.
We all love having you here and, God willing, we can all meet up again next year. Thanks so much, the sessions really are something special.'
Entrepreneur Workshop ( Mind your own business)

Sue talks through running your own company, inventing new products, marketing, profit/loss and her experience on the dreaded Dragons Den.

Then students go on to prepare and present their own business plan.

Writing Workshops

Workshops to fire up the imagination, covering story planning, descriptive writing, beginnings and endings, also heightens listening and oral skills.




Drama Workshops
Fantastic fun, Confidence Building, increase awareness of others and helps you to “think on your feet” and explore your own emotions.
Game Play

Sue and the huge floor mat games are also available for hire.
Many more also available…………………