Mini Munchers the latest game from the Bellybusters game designers.

Specially designed and developed for pre-school children by the makers of Belly busters the hugely successful fun healthy eating game for all the family.

Mini Munchers.

Mini Munchers assists with speech and listening skills and helps them to learn in a fun and active way, we include a list of sixteen unique activities which you may want to play with your children, numbers, letters, colours, shapes and foods that will keep them healthy and help them grow.

The mat is of such quality it can be played inside or out.

Quick and easy to set up and play.

The 16 activities that can be used in Mini Munchers

1. Letters
2. Numbers
3. Fruit and Vegetables
5. Animals
6. Use as picnic Mat
7. Tasting Sessions
8. Shapes
9. Stand on something that begins with 'C'
10. Food groups
11. Teeth
12. Sun Protection
13. Throw both dice
14. Counting Skills
15. Perform Activity skills
16. Does this grow questions

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See the learning objectives of this game - here