Global Warning is the latest game from the Bellybusters game designers.

Specially designed and developed for primary school children by the makers of Belly busters the hugely successful fun healthy eating game for all the family.

Global Warning.

Walk the world, learn about ways we can save “Slush” the Polar Bear and his friends, before time runs out.

Help your friends and family to make small easy changes that could help to save our beautiful planet and the wonderful plants and creatures who share it with us.

Simply choose which one of the earths elements you want to be, answer a question, collect polar bears as you travel the board, keep clear of the yuky black carbon footprints and don’t get frazzled by the lightning!!!

Quote:- Tipton Litter Watch,
June 09

' Just a quick note, to say thanks you once again for the fab global warming 2.4m-floor game. I used it at a Schools, “Green day” last week and they love it!'

Quote:- Kenton Vigus
Waste Disposal Officer -

Feb 2010
“You have put together a great activity here that just about anyone can get to grips with, with no real training”

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See the learning objectives of this game - here