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Belly Busters Charactors

Jade - Leroy - Sat & Mike

Amazingly, a lot of young children have no idea about fresh fruit
and vegetables. Instead they live on a junk food diet. This is not
only bad for their health but can often lead to bullying if they are
seen as being overweight.

Jamie Oliver, the government and local education authorities are
all doing their best to show kids and parents there are healthy
eating alternatives to salty and sugary snacks and drinks. Now
Sandwell storyteller Sue Andrews has invented a game called
Belly Busters to help children learn about a healthy, balanced diet
while having fun.

Children play with the four plastic Busters, Jade, Leroy, Sat and
Mike, throwing a carrot shaped dice to travel around the board
answering questions and collecting as many tasty vegetables and
juicy fruit tokens as possible whilst avoiding the junk food and
deciding whether or not to gamble with the Crazy Carrots. At the
end of the game the children pull the head off their Buster and
empty out their Bellies to see who has the highest score.
As well as healthy eating, the game’s questions also cover dental
care, sun protection and exercise.

The board features two games, one on each side, and comes in
its own Belly Buster Lunch Box that also include a Here Come The
Belly Busters story book.
There is also a whopping 5 sq metre floor mat version whe re
the children become the playing pieces and throw a 12” dice.
Ideal for schools, it can be also be used to add fun to biology,
geography, food technology or PE lessons by asking the children
things like how the body works, where do certain vegetables
come from and what is the best way to cook them.

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